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Sonadow Cuddles n Vore

The first pic is Sonic and Shadow cuddling and happily purring

2nd pic is when Shadow accidentally and unknowingly ate Sonic, Sonic got shrunk by Eggman's shrink ray on a date with Shadow, but after he shrunk he landed in his own chili dog, Shadow was waiting so long to see if Sonic would come back from where he went (since he thinks he left), that after he ate his own chili dog he ate Sonic's also which Sonic was on never even noticing him since he was so small XDD
So now Shadow still can't find him and is very MAD! Sonic better find a way to get Shadow's attention cause it seems the stomach juices are getting higher and hotter, so he needs to get out before he digested (Don't worry he does get out alive, Shadow spit him out)

Sonic~ 18
Shadow~ 18 (50+) So Sonic and Shadow have been dating for 3 years so far in this pic

close_by_crystal_cm-d4uzhhk.jpg doodley_doodles_by_crystal_cm-d4wfhfs.jpg sonadow_cuddles_n_vore_by_crystal_cm-d4vtsdr.jpg sonadow_peepers_by_crystal_cm-d4xs2al.jpg sonic__s_sleepyheads_by_crystal_cm-d4q6xvs.jpg