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Sonadow Peepers

Looks like Sonic and Shadow have peepers

Sonic: ..! Gah!
Shadow: Sonikku what's wrong, don't you like my kisses?
Sonic: Yes it's just something on my mind *moves his free hand to get the humans go quickly* Though they don't move at all
Shadow: Well what is it?
Sonic: Nothing important! *starts grunting and mumbling shoo shoo, get*
Shadow: Who are you talking to?
Sonic: Nothing Kiss me more!
Shadow: *turns around* Oh! *licks his lips*
Humans: ....uh oh....
After Shadow Eats the Humans
Shadow: *laying on his back on the grass rubbing his stomach* Y'know we should kiss in front of humans more often it turns some of them on like they're under our trance *smirks as he wraps one of his arms around Sonic*
Sonic: I feel so used......

close_by_crystal_cm-d4uzhhk.jpg doodley_doodles_by_crystal_cm-d4wfhfs.jpg sonadow_cuddles_n_vore_by_crystal_cm-d4vtsdr.jpg sonadow_peepers_by_crystal_cm-d4xs2al.jpg sonic__s_sleepyheads_by_crystal_cm-d4q6xvs.jpg