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Doodley Doodles1724 views1st pic is Sonic protecting his baby Shadic and Amy Rose (who is also Shadic's aunt)

2nd pic Shadow protecting Sonic who is 6 months pregnant with Shadic

3rd pic is Shadow hugging and kissing Sonic after he finds our he's pregnant (with Shadic)
The true story on how is happened: rped by me and my sister

Sonic was feeling sick all morning while hanging out with his friend Claude the wolf and feared that he was pregnant though knowing Shadow wants a baby from him. So he got a pregnancy test and took it at him and Shadow's house in their bathroom. Of course it came out positive and he was upset about it but Claude was trying to explain to him that having a baby is all that bad since he has a newborn baby himself and is its mother. Shadow got home a while after and told Sonic he was going to take a shower after greeting him. What Sonic forgot was he left his pregnancy test in the bathroom in the trash can which Shadow found and came downstairs asking "Did you pee on this?" Sonic replied with "Huh, w-what?" and Shadow repeated "Did you, pee on this?" Sonic just blushed furiously which showed Shadow that he did making him spazz out in happiness, giving Sonic a tight hug and kisses xDDD Claude thought it was adorable
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